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The Simpson Desert

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We finally made it to the Edge of the Simpson. The sign said so 🙂

Once again, words wont do the scenery justice so perhaps this drone footage will.
The footage shows both dunes (of which there are around 12oo ish of) and flood plains. Some of the plains are clay dust laid down when flood waters recede and others seem to be salt, kind of mini Lake Eyres. (Not sure on this tho).
This video is in HD so feel free to view in Full Screen and turn the volume up.


Purni Bore

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Purnie Bore is an interesting place.

We are crossing the desert on a track called the “French Line” which was created by a French exploration company in 1962. As part of this they drilled Purni Bore into the Artesian Basin water then capped it. Some time later, the cap rusted out and water flowed to create a man made lagoon.

This water flow started to affect Dalhousie Springs so the Bore was recapped.
A decision was made to allow a smaller amount of flow to sustain the wildlife that had treated the bore as home when it was flowing freely.

The day we were there, it was home to about a bajillion finches. I wasn’t able to capture them on the ground, but they were all in and around the only open water that we found (see pic below)

The dryness of the rest of the site is best captured by the next photo, but it must be a fantastic during the wet when the birdlife is at its maximum


Edge of the Desert

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Ok…we are getting close to the purpose of the whole trip…The Simpson Desert.

We left Eringa early morning heading towards Mt Dare. As it turns out, Mt Dare is a Hotel/Store/Camping Ground with an airfield. And not much else. Power is supplied by a Diesel Generator and as expected we reached the high water mark of the price of Diesel at @ $2.20/litre. Given the remoteness of the place, I thought this was pretty reasonable. We topped up with fuel, had an ice-cream for a treat and took some obligatory pictures in front of the store.

The next stop was Dalhousie Springs.
What an amazing place. First impressions are of another desert oasis with multiple lagoons being fed from natural springs.

It’s only when you jump in for a swim that the craziness becomes apparent. The water is at around 38 deg C! That’s 100 deg Fahrenheit. Does your head in being in a hot bath out in the middle of nowhere.
Getting out was an equally strange feeling as with a slight breeze blowing, we actually felt cold as we dried off. Weird.

We camped the night at Dalhousie with tomorrow being the start of the actual desert.



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