Day 7- 8 Coober Pedy & Oodnadatta

Day 7- 8 Coober Pedy & Oodnadatta

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Friday morning we looked around Coober Pedy. A very interesting place totally focussed on Opal Mining. The highlight for me was a visit to the Old Timers Mine and Museum. We went underground in an old Opal Mine that has been set up to show how the old timers lived and worked. They uncovered a very large seam of Opal when excavating for the Museum that the original miners missed by “that much”. Worth about $40k in todays market but left in place as part of the exhibit.

After the museum it was time to refuel and head to Oodnadatta to catch up with the guys from the 4WD club. The trip was just over 2hrs through some of the most barren country we’ve seen so far. The highlight was seeing a wedge tail eagle taking off from the side of the road with a large snake in its talons. It may have been offering a lift to the snake, but I suspect things did not end well for the reptile 🙂

Oodnadatta is a very small town with a well stocked roadhouse, a smaller general store and a railway museum.  We refuelled again, adding a further 40 litres to the Jerry cans on the roof. The fuel was reasonably priced at $1.60/litre. The locals had a good little thing going given that there was no local radio station. One of the houses played very loud music until the sun went down, then another house took over and played music until around 3 am. When the music stopped they had a very good rendition of “who let the dogs out” with every dog in town joining in barking for around 30 minutes. (Note to Self – Get fuel and provisions then camp outside of town next time)

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