Day 1 Report

Day 1 Report

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HI All,

It’s now Sunday morning and we have just woken up in Ballon Qld.

A great day yesterday travelling approximately 700 kilometres due west of Caloundra. As we headed west on Steve Irwin Way, we passed the Australia Zoo and were reminded of the time we’d visited the zoo many years ago and were lucky enough to be there on a day that Steve Irwin himself did a crocodile feeding show.

We then started a climb that ultimately saw us cross the Great Dividing Range and head down into some “big sky” country i.e. very flat farm land. On the climb up, the scenery changed from very green (almost like the North West Coast of Tassie) then down the other side to drier flat country (Midlands Tasmania) and then to large stretches of dry forest.

We called in at a couple of small towns to grab fresh bread and milk and of course a couple of coffees. Between the stops we were pleased to smell egg and bacon pies warming up in the 12V oven which went down very well with the second coffee J

The rest of the day was taken up by driving, made a little more difficult by the very strong cross winds. These were the same winds that caused a bush fire scare on the Tuesday night before we left, to the point where at one stage we were looking like having to evacuate. Luckily this did not happen.

During the drive, we were lucky enough to view our version of Australia Zoo with large Kangaroos stopping feeding to look up as we passed by: A few Emus were also out in the paddocks and even one very mobile Echidna thought seriously about crossing the road right in front of us, but luckily decided against it.

Having be treated to seeing the Aussie Coat of Arms we then started to see large “flocks” of wild goats and pigs. Very interesting to see them with the young goat kids being especially cute, but we were very wary about them jumping in front of the Jeep as we went through. There were large numbers of Kangaroos, Pigs and Goats in various stages of decay that had chosen poorly with regard to crossing the road.

As mentioned, by the time the sun started to get low in the west, making driving difficult, we were close to Ballon and decided to spend the night there. The town is very small, but the local community have worked hard to provide camping facilities along Wallum Creek, with free camping, toilets and showers provided. Whilst it was free, there was also a donation box which we made use of.

We are about to hit the road again. Stay tuned. The bandwidth is a bit dodgy here so will put the words up first and try the pictures later




August 20, 2017 at 8:05 am

Sounds like your seeing the wildlife that makes the poor Aussie farmers life hell cute but pests
I would be loving the Egg n Bacon PIES
Have a safe trip today


August 20, 2017 at 9:24 am

Going well Stan, Certainly brings back memories of our trip last year, Would have loved to do the blog when we were traveling instead of filling out a diary, Look forward to following you and Jos adventure. Safe traveling

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